Whilst bodysuits may not be fashionable in most parts of China,as many people still equate bodysuits with sexy lingerie,they are popular in Europe and the US and have been for around two years.This one piece below is a stylish example of what is currently in fashion.Let's have a closer look at the bodysuits designed by D&J Garment Manufacturers.


This velvet tight fitting design shows of soft and feminine curves.The lower panel is not only figure hugging,but also extremely sexy.


When bodysuits and prints combine it brings summer to life,embracing the heat and sun of the season.


The awkward question that many people have when thinkong about wearing a bodysuit is “how do you go to the bathroom?”.Don’t worry,most bodysuits have buttons on the underneath side so you can wear them any time and not have to worry about struggling to get them undone.


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